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Care to be our Partner-in-Service ? … a service whereby, we create all-purpose websites and cater to our clients. You gain from our expertise/experience and we gain from your innovative ideas/hard work. Come aboard!

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SageFrame Partner Types


    Hosting Partner

    Our hosting partners are the companies that provide solutions for hosting website based on .NET and for SageFrame CMS. SageFrame Hosting partners are experts in hosting and deliver a high level of quality and confidence that will ensure that your websites built on SageFrame are reliable and consistently available.
    As a hosting partner you can :
    • Generate revenue by hosting SageFrame sites.
    • Get exposure to your services on SageFrame site.


    Design Partner

    SageFrame provides an excellent platform for web designing companies so that they can add new functionalities and flexibilities to SageFrame sites with ease and efficiency. If you have an affinity to design, and can create chef-d'oeuvre templates, and other web/web application related designs, you can be our design partner. However, it is necessary that you either have a Gold or a Silver SageFrame solution partnership to be a design partner. As a SageFrame design partner, you have the ability
    • To truly shape up looks and feels of the SageFrame sites.
    • Earn revenue for your prized design skills.


    Development Partner

    As a SageFrame development partner, you have unlimited opportunity to enhance the functionalities of SageFrame. You can develop your own SageFrame modules, web applications and mobile widgets with confidence. However, it is necessary that you either have a Gold or Silver SageFrame solution partnership to be a development partner. As a SageFrame development partner, you can :
    • Develop your modules, and applications as per your needs and requirements.
    • Earn revenue using your coding skills


    Technology Alliance Partner

    SageFrame is constantly in look out for technology alliance. Technology partners are teams that add SageFrame capabilities by adding value and/or functionalities to SageFrame websites and web applications. The relation is established in a way, which is beneficial to both the parties (partners and SageFrame team). As a SageFrame Technology partner, you will be able to :-
    • Focus on what you do best and make use of SageFrame for everything else.
    • Gain visibility on our SageFrame site.
    • Give your technology an opportunity to integrate with SageFrame


    Training Partner

    SageFrame, as a powerful CMS, is growing, thanks to its quality and promise of future growth. As our community grows, so does the demand for trained SageFrame designers and developers. If you have the means and interest to become our training partner, we will provide you the SageFrame Training Resource that includes documents , manuals and other related video tutorials. As a SageFrame Training partner, you will be able to:-
    •Conduct training to people.
    • Administer examination for trainees and award SageFrame certifications
    • Distribute training resources

Partner Programs

  • Sageframe Certified Partners

    Registered Partners

    This is an entry level partnership program claiming no specific requirements or competencies from those who want to partner. As an introductory partnership, we will help you get acquainted with SageFrame as a CMS, and allow you to figure out your needs so that you can decide on getting more competent partnership programs in future. Though this partnership is open for all, it is best suggested for aspiring developers, freelancers and small business houses. Registration is free of charge.
  • Sageframe Certified Partners

    Silver Partners

    This partnership is more competent with regard to both its requirements and benefits. This partnership expects a moderate level of competency and expertise with SageFrame. Both individuals and companies who have built and hosted at least 3 websites using SageFrame can register to become SageFrame Silver Partner. Websites developed this way should have gone live as well. All of the Silver partners can hold classes and training sessions on SageFrame and can work on SageFrame as per their clients’ requirements. However, only limited number of modules are made available for Silver partners.
  • Sageframe Certified Partners

    Gold Partners

    This is the most proficient partnership Sageframe extends to companies with highest competency. This form of partnership expects high level of expertise with SageFrame. Only a registered company can apply to become SageFrame Gold Partner. The company must have developed and hosted at least 10 projects in SageFrame. Most importantly, the websites developed through SageFrame need to be live. The company can also hold SageFrame training and demos; and also provide support when needed. All of the SageFrame modules are open for their use, as required.

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