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Here’s what’s leading SageFrame onto the road of becoming the best Content Management System! Our enterprise-ready CMS ensures that your website gets all the functionalities to sustain and to grow up.

Device-neutral Mobile CMS

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Mobile Content Management System (CMS) is different from the traditional websites which stores and delivers content and services to a wide range of devices like mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs. Mobile CMS encapsulates special features including multi-channel content delivery, specialized templating system, content access control and location-based content delivery. Despite having certain limitations such as small screen sizes, low bandwidth, small storage capacity and weaker processors than their desktop counterparts, its usage is growing day by day. 

It’s the age of mobile

With the increase in use of mobile devices to access the internet, the future withholds device-independent CMSes. A recent study shows that the usage of internet in mobile devices will exceed the desktop in just a few years time. Everybody wants their information and business right where they are and with the range of mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and PDAs in scene, this can no longer be taken as just a myth. Moreover, this leads to the need of developing apps that are device specific and facilitating the users with a site that is more like an application than a webpage making it browser independent, ultimately increasing the performance and necessary throughput. 

SageFrame gives it right

With SageFrame, your website is no longer your desktop friend. You can choose across many mobile devices and control your content at your touch. Cross-device Compatibility, Intuitive User Interface, Highly Optimized Performance and Multi-channel Content Delivery makes your website more than just business.
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