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As a solution catalyst, SageFrame extends itself to provide solutions such as Hotel Reservation Systems, E-commerce, Theater Management System and Enterprise Portal.


What is E-commerce ?

E-Commerce is a type of industry whereby monetary transactions take place in an electronic system such as internet or other computer networks. The technologies that enable these types of transactions include mobile e-Commerce, electronic fund transfers, online marketing strategies, online payment processing and electronic administration of inventory.  The transactions may take place on a computer,  a telephone or through any other handheld electronic devices such as Smartphones.

Trends in E-Commerce

This is the age of computers and  people use computing machines in  various forms such as desktops, laptops, and handheld devices. The E-Commerce industry is booming with growth in double digits and as more and more people get access to the internet, the e-Commerce industry is here to change the way we transact.  E-Commerce can take the form of a  store such as Amazon,  an auction site such as e-bay, travel and tourism site, online money transferring sites,  banks and so on.


E-Commerce  transcends the limits of geography, and the system can be configured to work 24 hours a day. It also allows customers to compare the products, services and prices.  Overhead cost is minimum and overall cost of running a business is low. E-Commerce also saves time of customers from visiting the physical store to purchase the goods. Customers can also learn about the types of goods and services available in a physical store through their websites.
SageFrame, as a Content Management Framework, can be used to build large scale web applications such as AspxCommerce, an open source eCommerce web application. AspxCommerce is a complete open source eCommerce solution, which builds eCommerce sites efficiently, effectively and rapidly. SageFrame provides all the necessary tools to build an eCommerce site which attracts site visitors, engages them and turns them into customers. Next, SageFrame comes with an inbuilt platform to turn these customers into clients. 
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