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Enterprise Portal

Understanding Enterprise Portal

An enterprise portal refers to a framework where information, people and processes meet.  Enterprise portals are often designed to present personalized information to customers, business partners and general public. It may  also serve as a gateway  for employees to access company’s  information . One of the striking features of enterprise portal is its decentralized content management and content creation.  The enterprise portal concept is similar to the user profile concept, and manages who gets what permission/s to the website and its content.

The capabilities of Enterprise Portal

Consider, you  have a static website for business purpose, this means your site visitors  cannot interact with your site, nor can they gain valuable information or the tools to make a transaction. You can only hope that  by viewing your static site, the site visitors will visit your business location. On the other hand, if you have a well developed enterprise portal, potential customers can gain valuable information from the portal through documentations or site content. They may opt to receiving emails and newsletters or asking specific questions about any product or service and if they are satisfied, they may even make a  direct purchase online through online payment services. If the users agree to keep their profile on the portal itself , they may receive  tailored experience while browsing that particular portal.

The need for Enterprise Portal

Enterprise portals enhance the experience of a site visitor or a customer. Customers do not feel that they are rushed to make a decision instead they get plenty of information about the products or services they are about to buy. So there is a greater chance that people buy things online. Recent statistics have shown that  more and more people are purchasing services and products online. Hence if you have a business, it is right time you adopt a portal.
SageFrame has all that it takes to develop  a fully functional enterprise portal. serves as a testimonial.
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