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Hotel Reservation System


Hotel Reservation System is a computerized system of managing and administrating hotels, restaurants and lodges.  A properly managed hotel reservation system ensures proper and efficient use of resources, which in result derives more revenue generation and ultimately more profit.  It also centralizes the management, which means the changes in prices, property details  and condition of all the rooms can be tracked easily.

Why hotel reservation system ?

The hotel industry is a part of the global hospitality industry which is worth billions of dollars and serves the affluent segments of the society.  As the disposable income of the people around the world rises, this industry is sure to generate more revenue. Revenue generation can be better managed through automation of hotel administration right from the hotel booking, advance payment, pricing, room type selection, amenities to airport pick up and drop services.
A proper hotel reservation system should provide a  platform from where hotel booking and cancelation can be carried out. It should be able to implement different tariff rates according to seasons , prepare invoices along with personal details, allow online and offline transactions and manage hotel properties and manpower.
Today in order to maximize the reach of your hotel and its proper administration, you need to get hold of a powerful hotel reservation system. SageFrame can be used to build a full-fledged hotel reservation system and HRS built on SageFrame fully serves that purpose.
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