SageFrame Leadership comprises of the most competent people in the industry. Our team leaders are well informed, dedicated and highly ethical who have carved a niche in global CMS industry on whole.

Hari Man Pradhan (Chairman)

He’s the Chairman of BrainDigit. Truly an admirable person; his faith towards us and the company have always worked as a motivational tool to give more of what we’ve got professionally. He’s not much of a talking head but has proved himself with his excellence; has come to this position with his hard work and devotion; and always keen on guiding us all with his experiences. With a leader like him above all of us, we would no doubt achieve all the dreams and overcome the challenges.

Nischal Man Pradhan(CEO)

With a quest to establish an IT company with a difference, the concept of BrainDigit struck his mind; gathered up some of the best experts in this field to revolutionize the web world, who are hardworking and creative enough to go the extreme in web and thus, started the journey of BrainDigit. He’s an MBA degree holder from Pokhara University, and by far knows every facet of business. He’s a humble person by nature and thus is reflected upon how he takes care of his employees and business.

Alok Pandey (Project Manager)

Alok has 13+ years professional experience in architecting and implementing large scale software solutions for private and public organizations. Currently working as a “Director, Strategic Product Development” at Braindigit IT Solution Private Limited, as well as he is also Leader and Founder of AspNetCommunity user group of Nepal from 2009. Alok is dedicated professional, he believes in perfection with a great value for time. The mastermind behind SageFrame, we’re sure that he’s going to go above the baseline to achieve what he’s planned to achieve. It’s his dedication and eagerness with his work that has led him to this position in a short time. He’s the inspiration for most of his juniors and colleagues.

Aliza Tamrakar (Operation Manager)

Aliza Tamrakar works as an Operation Manager at Braindigit. She holds a Masters degree in Business Studies. After her stay in Australia for a year, she decided to come back to Nepal and joined Braindigit. As an Operation Manager, she works hard to find ways to make the company more productive by implementing effective methods in business operations. She is engaged in goal setting, preparing program budgets, handling logistics and supervising employees.

Hani Pradhan (Marketing Manager)

Hani Pradhan is the Marketing Manager at Braindigit. She studied Bachelor in Business Management from Banglore university, and finished her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Hyderabad. She brings with her experiences from the tourism industry. As a marketing manager, she is constantly formulating, directing and coordinating marketing activities and policies to promote Braindigit’s digital products and services. She is also involved in developing pricing strategies, balancing firm objectives and customer satisfaction.

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