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Here’s what’s leading SageFrame onto the road of becoming the best Content Management System! Our enterprise-ready CMS ensures that your website gets all the functionalities to sustain and to grow up.

Proactive Form Designer

Grab your user attention and their trust finally.

Gather Feedbacks from your Visitors

Our ‘Proactive Form Designer’ assists you generate online forms for your website without any programming done. Define your own fields and choose corresponding attributes as per your requirement. Such forms are easily published and provide quick results. Use it as a marketing tool to engage and convert your visitors.

Forms generated this way help you:
  • Gather customer details to generate leads for your sales team Visitors to your site are your potential customers. Getting them engaged to your website is an important marketing initiative. This has been simplified by our ‘Proactive Form Designer’. Once customers fill up the form, their details are archived into your database. With customers within your reach, you can conveniently generate leads for your sales team.
  • Conduct online surveys for your website In order to access feedbacks and general trends among your customers, you can conduct online surveys. Create polls and let your customers have their say! Such feedback-oriented surveys will eventually help you create products that will be more appreciated by your potential customers.
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