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Theater  Management  System

Theater – the big picture

Theater Management System  automates  the workflow and  operations of a multiplex.  A complete theater management system consists of a properly managed website and a thin client, a program that runs on a computer.  A proper theater management system integrates content management system, ticketing, show administration, food ordering, processing, delivery and payment methods. It also engages site visitors, disseminates information about the recent releases, upcoming movies and current shows.

The challenge

Managing  a theater is in itself a challenge. A theater owner might have more than one theater and each theater might have more than one screen and there may be dozens of vendors trying to conduct business in the theater premises.  Moreover, it is necessary to manage thousands of moviegoers with ticketing, seating arrangements and screen shows. This brings administrative challenges in itself. Hence, there is a need for a theater management system.

The need for a Theater Management System.

A properly managed theater management system reduces the manpower required to carry out the day to day functioning of a theater.  It simplifies the inner workings of a theater, streamlines the cost and provides quality service to the movie goers. It also helps to manage  inventory, pricing and overall health of a theater. Other services such as food delivery  can be tracked and managed from this system as  well. The web part of the theater management system can be configured to engage and attract more customers to the theater. With a proper theater management system, all the administration of a theater can be centralized.

CineSage built on SageFrame provides a platform to build a full fledged theater management system.
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