Content Management

Here’s what’s leading SageFrame onto the road of becoming the best Content Management System! Our enterprise-ready CMS ensures that your website gets all the functionalities to sustain and to grow up.

Web Experience Management

Engage your users and earn your business ROI

Engage in a dialogue with your visitors via the interactive ‘Web Experience Manager’

Gone are the days when a predetermined content worked for an extended period. Now, your web content needs to be contextualized in order to engage visitors and to convert them into ardent users.

Our web experience manager helps device contents accessing interests and activities of your visitors- both online and offline. This way, your website shares greater chances in retaining visitors.

Real-time Update

Sageframe supports ‘Real-time Update’. With such updates in place, you can engage customers with targeted interfaces and establish meaningful connections. This in turn, makes your website customer-centric and acts as an influential marketing tool. Overtime, your visitors turn into your customers and by virtue of the intimacy developed, your customers are more receptive to new offers and products that are tailored to their needs.

Here’s how WEM caters to your website functionality:
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Retentions
  • Customer Conversion
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