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Here’s what’s leading SageFrame onto the road of becoming the best Content Management System! Our enterprise-ready CMS ensures that your website gets all the functionalities to sustain and to grow up.

Content Management Framework

The initiative is to make web technology simplified and easily optimized.

Blend CMS and Application Framework

A Content Management Framework (CMF) can generally be seen as an API that creates customized Content Management System (CMS). A CMF takes the concept of incorporating combined features of Application Framework and Content Management System to manage the web content by storing and organizing files and data with the use of reusable components or customized software. 

Create your customizable CMS for various business applications

CMF, as a development tool, is a software framework to support the developers to build customized web applications as well as development of dynamic websites, web services and web resources required for business applications. Therefore, a CMF can create many applications out of itself giving each of them the flexibility of creating more layered applications. The main purpose of these frameworks is to provide features such as data persistence, user session management, user authentication, security, caching, templating frameworks and often promote the reuse of code to ensure proper functional requirements of any business process.

How SageFrame makes this possible

Though CMS and Application Framework work in completely different concepts, they are widely used as a single technology in web development. However, we use CMS for rapid application development and AF for a more customizable output. SageFrame is thus a combination of these two web technologies that is based on rapid development methodology imparting flexibility, ease-of-use, scalability, extensibility and security to the optimum level. 
The CMS part in SageFrame contains all configurable system tools that makes the development faster, helping us avoid task redundancy. The Framework Part is used when requirements are beyond the available configuration tools, and it comprises of core programming tools such that we can take direct control over the development process.
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