Your contribution is forever welcome. This is the platform for you to involve and engage, be it through blogs, beta tests, forums or bug reportings. Throw in your ideas, and help us grow.

Help us make SageFrame better.



    Write blogs and post them on our website. That way, you will have a platform to have your say. In  the process, you might as well help disseminate information regarding our products, the ongoing trends, tech market news and the likes.


    Beta Test

    As a third party, you can play your part for the beta-test of our newest software and upgrades. Simply request for the beta version of our software and start using it. Your feedback then becomes our guidelines to limit the problems and enhance our products.



    Forum is a platform for you to post your queries and discuss issues. Share new ideas you might get or concerns you might have.  Our community members will then provide feedbacks and help you with innovative ideas to solve them.


    Bug Reporting

    Report any bugs you might encounter. Our team of software developers will immediately work on identifying and fixing those bugs for you. All you got to do is fill up a ‘Report Bug Form’ and submit it to us. The rest will be taken care of!

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