SageFrame is not just a CMS, but a powerful framework that can be applied to create various web applications like blogs, community portals, ecommerce solutions, personal and corporate sites, and vertical custom applications. With a short learning curve and rapid development process, this framework imparts all the power to realize your business dreams.

Feed your business the power of SageFrame.

  • Scalable
      If your profiting business wants to grow its size in web too, Sageframe will give you the right platform. Size has never been an issue for Sageframe. It is built to store hundreds of pages to fit any size of business.
  • Extensible
      Keep no doubt, websites built on Sageframe can be extended to any level of business functionalities. You can create a brand new extension or use the existing extensions in Sageframe to accomodate your growing web needs.
  • Flexible
      Website may range from information portal to ecommerce and blogs with use of designs as high as HTML5. Sageframe is the application which allows freedom to create the desired web portal no matter the type and design.
  • Secure
      Security of your business has always been the first mission of Sageframe. Apart from the well-known security ASP.NET provides, Sageframe has in-built SSL encryption to give extra security to your business.

Short Learning Curve

You need not fear the unknown, SageFrame has very short learning curve, and within minutes you will feel comfortable with SageFrame. In order to help you learn SageFrame smoothly and without stress, we have developed highly handy and illustrative documents, user guides, manuals and videos.


Rapid Application Development

SageFrame provides all the tools required to develop web sites and web applications rapidly. If you are thinking of building any application, think SageFrame. You can use SageFrame to develop custom modules and applications with ease and convenience in relatively short period of time.


SageFrame Solution

SageFrame was conceived and developed in order to expedite the process of building web sites and web applications of all shapes and sizes. As a matter of fact, SageFrame is much more than CMS, it is a flexible and scalable CMF, which can be used to realize unlimited web application possibilities. Some of the prominent SageFrame solutions include – BoardInn (a hotel reservation system), SageCMS (a content management system), SageFlick (a theater management system) and AspxCommerce (an eCommerce solution).

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