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SageFrame is a highly extensible Web Development Framework built on ASP.NET that helps you build dynamic web applications! We empower you with all the essential tools required to develop custom modules, applications, templates and various-purpose websites with ease and convenience.

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SageFrame Architecture

SageFrame is an N-tier Controller Pattern Modular, Service-Oriented Architecture.


Your SageFrame, Your Choice.

Let us help you find web management solutions in an attractive, engaging, simple and secured way with a wide range of possibilities.



This community version of SageFrame comes  free of charge! You can simply download and enjoy the power of open source in ASP.NET. Along with the software, you get our forum support, a list of free modules and get to be a part of a dedicated SageFrame community. This is a general version of SageFrame, which you can use for evaluation and if  you still feel you didn't get enough, try our other versions as well. 




Sagever is a professional version of SageFrame. This version of SageFrame is mainly targeted to professional CMS users.  Sagever comes bundled with premium modules and templates, which provides more flexibility and choice while developing SageFrame sites. If you are building small and medium sized web sites and web applications, this version will suit you best.




SageCMS is the lightweight version of SageFrame. It offers you the ultimate power to build fast and dynamic websites with the full control over your site and content. This version of SageFrame is basically suitable to build the information portals. You just provide the information and SageCMS will take care of the rest by offering you the desired site in minutes.



Rapid Site Development


User-friendly Interface


High-end Customization


Multi-language Support


Role-based Security


Multi-portal Support

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