SageCMS 3.6

SageCMS offers you the ultimate power to build lightweight, fast and dynamic websites with the full control over your site and content. Yes, it is the best choice for you to build an information portal in minutes. You just provide the information and SageCMS will take care of the rest right off the bat.

Experience the Lightweight Essence of SageCMS

A CMS made lightweight, the open source content management-SageCMS is now built simple, fast, functional and powerful than ever. Catering well with your information in all possible ways, the CMS is easy to install and use via a simple web interface. Among a variety of options to install the online templates, SageCMS uses least of the modules to bring out the best in the game.


    In-page editing

    In-page editing in SageCMS lets you rearrange the content items directly in the browser. Not only can you edit the texts and images with it, but also add or remove more content by dragging and dropping the items using HTML5 directly on the website.



    With the less system resources, lightweight gives up the support of all Web standards for a faster performance. It enables you to handle more users with a high performance level at a single time taking fewer instructions to keep the tracks with.


    Online Templates

    Online templating is one of the functional features in SageCMS that allows you to download free or paid templates from the dashboard itself by making your website building process absolutely hassle free.



    The lightweight version of SageFramecomes with a very lesser amount of modules and system resources making it a sheer fast, simple and powerful CMS that’s highly optimized in terms of search and devices to tailor your website to different visitors.


Valuing Your Every Information at Glance


    Mobile Ready

    Forget about designing your website for mobile devices when SageCMS instead designs your website for all devices. Certainly with the mobility of your existing website, users get the best experience now on their mobile phones.


    Easy Information Management

    SageCMS lets in an easy information management practice with an effortless data entry. Allowing you to add and manage all the content and information without the hassles of going to the backend, the CMS stands to be relatively easier and faster with the information processing as well.


    Integrated Digital Marketing

    With the convergence of search engines, social media and email marketing; the Integrated Digital Marketing attempts to reach the people through all digital media. As an evolution in the field of marketing, SageCMS thus helps create a strong online presence through Integrated Digital Marketing.


    Premium Security

    SageCMS comes with the premium package of powerful security modules providing an extra security to your website. The enhanced security options on top of ASP.NET all the more offers a high level safekeeping of your information. 


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